Malwarebytes – Bites Malware Back!

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Let’s face it! The same tools you used to remove malware/spyware/adware in 2006, are out of date and completely ineffective in battling malware/spyware/adware that actually has a purpose. That’s right! I said it, AdAware, Spy Bot Search and Destroy are no more than basic registry and cache cleaners. These days that can be accomplished with a simply application called, CCleaner.

So you ask, “Oh sweet nectar! What can I do to protect myself?” Well, rather than going on and on with a list of tools longer than your to-do list around the house, I’ll simply list a new one for you to add to your collection.

Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, This bad boy you should have already been using for some time now, so if that’s not the case, START NOW! It’s free, or for the 24.95 you can get automated scanning and automatic updates with real time protection. If you have a tidy system and stay on top of your computer cleansing and play nice around the web, the free version will do just fine. However, if your a click happy user who clicks on any link sent to you, please do yourself a favor and anyone else whom uses your high risk computer and purchase the full version.

Malwarebytes Free Version:

Malwarebytes Full Version:

Note: I’ll be adding this program into my future post, “Your Computer : A Fresh Start” This will be a complete guide from a clean install, into completely securing your Windows desktop (The best you can!).

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