Sony’s DRM, Rootkit, and Future…but is Sony the only intruder?

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Sony Infection 500,000 +

Sony, Sony, Sony… Why have we come to hate you? or have we?

For starters on Monday October 31st (Halloween) your little trick or treat was revealed to all on the internet. This shows that by installing the media player on a number of your CD’s would also installed a rootkit, allowing any file with $sys$ in front of it to be hidden. (ex. $sys$Virus.exe would be invisible). In Marks ( research on this matter he shows how there isn’t an uninstall feature for this rootkit and manual remove will render you CDROM useless.

At first, I was strong against my hate for Sony; however last night was a different story. I’m not going to go to into detail of the situation, so I’ll get to the point. I run an updated virus scan with Kaspersky and all systems show clean. Well I’ve been a user of Rootkit Revealer and Blacklight along with a few others for detecting rootkits. So, I scan my brothers computer w/ Rootkit revealer and boom, he’s infected with the same rootkit described in Mark’s blog. I asked my brother what CD’s has he listened to on his computer lately and he said, “I’ve listen to my new Lil Rob CD.” I asked, “Did it require you to install a media player from the CD?” He replied, “Yes, why?” Now it gets interesting…

Today I checked the list Sony released of infected CDs and Lil Rob isn’t on the list. So I started to follow Mark’s @ steps and went to to look up Lil Rob CD’s. Sure enough, Sony has nothing to do with this CD, Lil Rob’s record label is, Upstairs Records. Both of these record labels are using First 4 Internet Lld. This is that company’s responsibility for this technology; however Sony and Upstairs Records are responsible for implementing such technology against their paying customers.

On a personal level, I’ll never purchase a Sony product again (except maybe a PS3). Seeing this rootkit first hand just like I’ve read about over the last 3 weeks makes me sick to my stomach. How do you think it feels to say, “I haven’t been infected for over 3 years, until Sony’s rootkit.”

More to come on this topic…


  1. A. Yank Ovic says:

    There is no need for people to be getting infected, these root kits are only on crappy albums. If people would only listen to Weid Al CD’s then there would be no problem.

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