It’s Offical, Bush is a failure!

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Google Search: Failure

Just when I my love for Google started to fade off…

Searching google for the word, Failure. I was expecting to see my first relationship at number one with my attempt to fly off my parents deck at a close second. Little did I know, I wasn’t even close, out of 529,000,000 possibilities, you’ll notice President Bush is number one on the list! I have to admit, this is hands down the most honest result I have received from a search.

The only question is, Did bush pay Google AdWords too put him at the top of this search? It wouldn’t surprise me!


  1. Tors10xx says:

    I used to love that. It also worked with complete failure, but Google killed it “in an effort to eliminate googlebombing”

  2. Anelly says:

    A totally surprise here :) Nice post.

  3. Jane B says:

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  4. Tim Reynolds says:

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  6. can says:

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