IE 6.0 SP2 – DoS Exploit (Released 05/10/06)

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I was wondering how long we’d make it before being blessed with another delicious exploit for Internet Explorer. Atleast it was the day after Microsoft released the round of ‘May-Day’ patches. No need to panic this is more of an annoyance then a real problem….or is it?

Error & Debug:

IE 6.0 SP1/SP2

Not Affected:
IE 7 beta 1/beta 2
Mozilla (all)

Enjoy (IE 6.0 only)

If this exploit affects you, it’s time to start thinking about the big move. Let go of Microsofts hand and learn to walk on your own. On a serious note, I use IE 7 SP2 for trusted sites only (Banking, etc…) and everything else I use Mozilla w/ Noscript.

Recommended Solution:
Mozilla Firefox Final [ download ] w/ NoScript [ info] [download]


  1. Chris Spejcher says:

    Don’t link to a specific release as it can get out of date. Just link to


    Site Admin Response: Done (good call). I assumed that everyone is going to read my posts within the first week…After tracking stats it’s obvious that isn’t the case!

  2. gerry says:

    try this exploit with your Firefox

    Site Admin Response: I tested that exploit and it didn’t do anything. Note, I do have NoScript extension.

  3. gerry says:

    test3 (no javascript – for ignorant):

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