Icesword 1.16 English & Darkspy 1.0.4 (1.0.2 English)

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IceSword 1.2

Anti-Rootkit programs are becoming a necessity in keeping your computer secure. I know Anti-Virus vendors are trying to implement rootkit detection. Personally I never believed in an “all-in-one” product for security. To be successful in preventing rootkits, you have to stay current with the latest leaders of this task. As of now, the leaders seem to be IceSword & Darkspy. Both of which just released new versions this month. My advice to anyone trying to get a handle on rootkits, would be to test them all. See which ones you feel comfortable with and which ones give you the best results.

IceSword 1.16 EN

DarkSpy 1.0.2 EN (Test Evaluation)

DarkSpy 1.0.4 CN

DarkSpy Author CardMagic says,
“sorry,i havent made a English version of DarkSpy 1.0.4.because this is a temporary version and will be updated soon.The new Engish version of DarkSpy will be pubished when some new functionalities are added.”

So We’ll be keeping an eye out for the latest version of DarkSpy as it’s released to the public. Just because these are the only two rootkit solutions I mention in this article, please don’t assume these are the only two out.

Other Anti-Rootkit Solutions:
Rootkit Revealer by Sysinternals
Blacklight by F-Secure


  1. tooler says:

    DarkSpy is very interesting even its file detection.
    i tried a simple tool called “Hide Files and Folders” which can be downloaded from
    the files in the hidden directory can successfully hide from Icesword’s newest version.
    but they are detected by DarkSpy .
    I really want to know the real work of DarkSpy.
    Interesting ,Aha.

  2. can says:

    thanks for thıs program

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