TextPayMe – The paypal for 2006?

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SignUp at TextPayMe

Well, what can I say about this handy little service. When I first read it, I thought this is pointless. Then I sat and thought about it for a few days. Yeah! This is useful, How many times have I been busy working or on the road and my girlfriend says, “Jordan, can you please transfer me 100.00 for my hair and nails?” True, normally I would laugh it off and advise to get a part time job, however on a special day I might feel so inclined.

Good news? Of course, the good news is they’re going to give you a free 5.00 for signing up. Not that 5.00 makes me start to river dance, but the fact that I can sign up for free and transfer money for free all from my cell phone. So if nothing more give it a try, if you think it’s pointless give it a try for FREE and prove yourself right!

I enjoy it. If this is something you enjoy click on the banner below and let the txt being!

SignUp at TextPayMe

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