Ophcrack 2.1 – LiveCD (Linux) & 2.1 Install (Win)

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Ophcrack LIVE CD & Ophcrack 2.1

Rainbow Table

A Windows password cracker based on the faster time-memory trade-off using rainbow tables. This is an evolution of the original Ophcrack 1.0 developed at EPFL. Ophrack 2.0 comes with a GTK+ Graphical User Interface and runs on Windows as well as on Linux.

Brute Force a windows password… forget it, that’s based on a list of possible passwords and can take forever. Use NT Offline Reset to reset the password… sure that’s great and all, except what if you just want to know the current password w/o erasing the original?

I tested both the LIVECD version and the Windows installer. Both of them have benefits; LiveCD is a must if the computer is offline or shutdown when you want to test your password security. However, the LiveCD is version 0.9a so it’s a little outdated. The Windows installed was just updated to 2.1 and released on 12/06/05, so it’s really nice to have the latest. If you’re truly testing your password security the Windows Installer is the way to go, however if you can’t get into your computer and need to crack that password, the LIVE CD is the way to go. Either way, it cracked a random password within 5 minutes.

Live CD: This is a great option, it’s a linux bootable cd on Ubuntu distro. All you have to do is burn this ISO image to a CD reboot your computer, go into BIOS and make sure you have your computer to check for CDROM before HD. Now, it will load the distro and if a SAM file is found start cracking right away. When I tested this way it took less than 5 minutes to crack my brothers administrator password.

Download: Ophcrack 0.9a – Live CD ISO

Windows Installer Version: This is nice if you have a fast windows box around the house or office. Installer is 3MB however you have to select which tables you want to download. The larger table is around 700 MB download, so it takes a few minutes. Once it’s done you have options;

* encrypted SAM: dumps the hashes from the SAM and SYSTEM files retrieved from a Windows machine while booting on another disk. Note that in this case you do not need to know a Windows administrator password to get the hashes.
* local SAM (only for the Windows version of Ophcrack 2.0): dumps the hashes from the Windows machine the program is running on. You need to be administrator of your local machine for this to work.
* remote SAM (only for the Windows version of Ophcrack 2.0): dumps the hashes of a remote Windows machine, provided you know the username and password of an administrator and the name of a share.

Download: Ophcrack 2.1 – Windows Installer


  1. aki says:

    thunk you very mutch!

  2. ahmed says:

    i tried to run the ophcrack live cd on a Dell lattitude laptop and it doesn’t boot. It works fine on my desktop PC. I have windows XP and Windows 2000 on my laptop and only XP on the desktop PC, but that shouldn’t make a difference as far as the live cd’s boot is concerned or should it?

  3. gil says:

    Nice…I like the liveCD option.

    I have a problem, I boot from the cd and i get to this Gui asking me to boot in graphic mode or text so i select graphic mode and all i get is this GREY SCREEN with a clock on the lower right side and this drop down with 1,2,3 and 4 options.

    Is the ISO file corrupted?

    Any help would be great!

  4. ta says:

    Nice software!

  5. random! says:

    Hello there! will this website help me hack into my boyfriends hotmail acount so i can confirm my suspicious beliefs about him cheating?

    thank you

  6. hallve says:

    error in loading table.
    i have installed ophcrack trough synaptic in my kubuntu intrepid. and i havw also downloaded the vista table (the smallest one).
    i have unziped it in my /home/ophcrack/table/ directory… i put all the file in the zipped file.
    but when i tried to load the table and pointed to the directory, the ophcrack foun no tables… how to fix it ????

  7. Robotak says:

    After wasting 2 blank cds, i finaly made it!
    First used nero, then some other soft (cant remember which) then installed
    “Active @ Iso burner” and that did the job.
    My pwd cracked in 3 or so minutes.. will try harder ones

  8. can says:

    Thanks for the information i will try it

  9. ISRAR says:

    It’s me Israr. I can find the error please somebody help me…..

  10. adelgazar says:

    I downloaded the ISO image, booted and got the forgotten password back. Tip: check on the MD5SUM of the ISO file before burning it!

  11. Tamiflu says:

    Incredible site!

  12. Tamiflu says:

    Very interesting site, Hope it will always be alive!

  13. panico-na-tv says:

    great site , i bookmared it ! thanks!


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