Rootkit Detection – Why be a victim of Sony abuse?

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Over the last month we’ve all watched websites blow up with Anti-Sony this and rootkit that. Well the thing is, Sony isn’t the first to use a rootkit. Virus creators have been using rootkits to hide viruses from detection for sometime now. Victims of the Sony rootkit are people who were caught with the cyber pants down in a cyber prison… not recommended.

So, before you feel sorry for yourself or anyone else that had to play that Celine Dion CD on your computer. Do yourself a favor and take the necessary procedures to protect yourself.

1) WindowsUpdates. If you don’t stay current with Windows updates , there is no hope.

2) Antivirus protection – You need to set your antivirus software to check for updates on a daily basis. I set mine to check on the hour every hour. Another tip, check and make sure your Antivirus software doesn’t have the word “Norton” in it. You’d have better luck asking your magic 8 ball if you’re infected.

3) Download Rootkit Revealer & Blacklight. Run these bad boys once a week to check for rootkits. Be sure to check with the vendor for updates, these 2 products are updated frequently.

4) Before install ANY software, take the 5-10 minutes to read the EULA and make sure you know what your accepting.

5) Stop trying to download the Paris Hilton video off Limewire, consider taking this approach like playing the lotto. You have 10,000+ video’s all claiming to be the same, however they are all different sizes. So, if you pick the right one, you might be okay, however the other 99.9% are infected.

These are 5 basic steps to take in preventing virus infections and rootkits from ruling your computer. If you’re wanting to donate your computer resources, I recommend one of the SETI projects.


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