Phishing & the <>< test!

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Things have changed in the game of online phishing. A few years back It was as simple as spoofing an e-mail with a link to a site that look just like the site you thought you were going too, add a little javascript to remove the address toolbar and nobody knew the difference. Today it’s a different story, studies show only 4% of internet users can spot phished emails 100% of the time.

I know what your thinking…You’re sitting there saying only morons took that survey, which is why I provided a link for you to test yourself.

Phishing IQ Test: MailFrontier’s Test


  1. TK says:

    The answer to protecting yourself from phishing is simple: Never click a link in an email to update your account information. Just type the homepage address in your browser for the company you want to deal with, and navigate from there.

  2. Maggie says:

    That site doesn’t allow me to view the full headers of my e-mail which I check to see if an e-mail is phishing or not. They don’t give you enough information.

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