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TextPayMe – The paypal for 2006?

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SignUp at TextPayMe

Well, what can I say about this handy little service. When I first read it, I thought this is pointless. Then I sat and thought about it for a few days. Yeah! This is useful, How many times have I been busy working or on the road and my girlfriend says, “Jordan, can you please transfer me 100.00 for my hair and nails?” True, normally I would laugh it off and advise to get a part time job, however on a special day I might feel so inclined.

Good news? Of course, the good news is they’re going to give you a free 5.00 for signing up. Not that 5.00 makes me start to river dance, but the fact that I can sign up for free and transfer money for free all from my cell phone. So if nothing more give it a try, if you think it’s pointless give it a try for FREE and prove yourself right!

I enjoy it. If this is something you enjoy click on the banner below and let the txt being!

SignUp at TextPayMe

Rootkit Detection – Why be a victim of Sony abuse?

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Over the last month we’ve all watched websites blow up with Anti-Sony this and rootkit that. Well the thing is, Sony isn’t the first to use a rootkit. Virus creators have been using rootkits to hide viruses from detection for sometime now. Victims of the Sony rootkit are people who were caught with the cyber pants down in a cyber prison… not recommended.

So, before you feel sorry for yourself or anyone else that had to play that Celine Dion CD on your computer. Do yourself a favor and take the necessary procedures to protect yourself.

1) WindowsUpdates. If you don’t stay current with Windows updates , there is no hope.

2) Antivirus protection – You need to set your antivirus software to check for updates on a daily basis. I set mine to check on the hour every hour. Another tip, check and make sure your Antivirus software doesn’t have the word “Norton” in it. You’d have better luck asking your magic 8 ball if you’re infected.

3) Download Rootkit Revealer & Blacklight. Run these bad boys once a week to check for rootkits. Be sure to check with the vendor for updates, these 2 products are updated frequently.

4) Before install ANY software, take the 5-10 minutes to read the EULA and make sure you know what your accepting.

5) Stop trying to download the Paris Hilton video off Limewire, consider taking this approach like playing the lotto. You have 10,000+ video’s all claiming to be the same, however they are all different sizes. So, if you pick the right one, you might be okay, however the other 99.9% are infected.

These are 5 basic steps to take in preventing virus infections and rootkits from ruling your computer. If you’re wanting to donate your computer resources, I recommend one of the SETI projects.

Phishing & the <>< test!

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Things have changed in the game of online phishing. A few years back It was as simple as spoofing an e-mail with a link to a site that look just like the site you thought you were going too, add a little javascript to remove the address toolbar and nobody knew the difference. Today it’s a different story, studies show only 4% of internet users can spot phished emails 100% of the time.

I know what your thinking…You’re sitting there saying only morons took that survey, which is why I provided a link for you to test yourself.

Phishing IQ Test: MailFrontier’s Test

Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Final

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Firefox hit its second major milestone Tuesday with the release of version 1.5, arriving just over a year after the alternative browser debuted at 1.0. The update sports Mozilla’s new Gecko 1.8 rendering engine to speed up Web surfing, along with a myriad of other fixes and improvements.

Notable changes in Firefox 1.5 include the ability to reorder tabs, faster back and forward buttons, a feature to clear personal data, improved accessibility and popup blocking, along with support for more Web standards such as SVG, CSS 2 and CSS 3, and JavaScript 1.6. Firefox 1.5 is available now for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Awesome news! I’m not an IE hater nor a Mozilla lover. Simply put, I enjoy using both browsers for different tasks. I have to admit being able to organize my tabs is a huge plus for a freak like myself. I have to recommend an extension for Firefox called NoScripts.

Plugin: NoScript [download] [info]

Download: Firefox 1.5 Final